Rates Schedule

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East African50,000
Conventional Travel Document (CTD's)80,000
Visa Fees
Single entry visaUS $ 50
Multiple Entry Visa
6 - 12 monthsUS $ 100
24 monthsUS $ 150
36 monthsUS $ 200
Student's entry visa for study in Uganda (exclude East African nationals)US $ 100
Work Permits
Class A (Parastal)US $ 250
Class B (Agriculture)US $ 500
Class C (Mining)US $ 500
Class D (Investors)US $ 1,500
Class E (Manufacturing)US $ 500
Class F (Professional)US $ 750
Class G (Expatriates, Employees)US $ 600
Class G1 (Missionaries, Volunteers and NGO's)US $ 250
Certificate of Residence
5 yearsUS $ 1,000
10 yearsUS $ 1,000
15 yearsUS $ 1,000
For lifeUS $ 1,000
Due to marriageUS $ 250
Dependant's Passes
Due to marriageUS $ 200
ChildUS $ 100
OthersUS $ 500
StudentsUS $ 100 per year

NB: Uganda High Commission offers single entry visas, the rest are obtained at the immigration office in Uganda.